Focus Group


During my research, I spoke with 10 people about their perception of oysters. Their ethnicities consisted of African-American, Hispanic, Caucasian, and Asian Indian. The group consisted of males and females ages 18 to 65, which helped to develop my target audience.

I asked my subjects three questions. First, have they ever eaten oysters before. If they answered yes, I asked how do they eat them; If they answered no, I asked why not. Finally, I asked about their knowledge of oysters.

Summary and Responses

The responses I received were aligned with the public perception of oysters and were stereotypical. Most of my subjects had tried them before and found the texture displeasing. Negative comments were made about the quality, calling them “slimy,” “fishy,” and “distasteful.” Three of my subjects had not tried them due to a disliking of seafood or were vegetarian. There was a stereotypical remark about oysters, identifying them as “old people food.”


After conducting my research, I have concluded that most people have tried oysters before but do not like them because of the taste or texture. The subjects in my focus group were unaware of the different ways oysters can be prepared. In addition to this, most didn’t know that an oyster is an aphrodisiac. I have created a target demographic of males and females 30 to 55+ in a sexless marriage.

Advertisements will tap into the 99-Livers trend and the Fantasy Adventure trend developed by Faith Popcorn. The 99-Livers trend states that people in my target demographic have stopped thinking “I can live any life I choose” and started saying “I can live every life I choose.” Ads will show how oysters will motivate consumers to make time out of their “busy schedules” to have a satisfying sex life. The Fantasy Adventure trend states that people in my target demographic want to escape from the world into exotic flavors. Ads will also show how oysters can fulfill the need for exotic fantasies in the food realm.

Creative Strategy and Plan

Creative Strategy Statement

Ads will target sexless marriage couples that experience little or no sex drive and convince them oysters leads to satisfying results in their sex life. A relatable and desirable experience after consuming oysters will convince them.

Advertising Plan

Key Fact: Recent studies have suggested as the length of marriage rises, couples are more likely to be sexually inactive.

Advertising Problem:  Men and women dislike the appearance or texture of oysters and most are unaware of the different ways it can be prepared and the sexually satisfying benefits.

Advertising Objective: To demonstrate how eating oysters can improve sex drive and lead to intimacy and closeness.

Target Consumers: Men and women ages 30 to 55+, in a sexless marriage, 99-Livers, Fantasy Adventurers

Competition: Viagra for men and women, romantic getaways, perception of oysters, busy schedules

Key Consumer Benefit: Consumers will feel a bodily satisfying sensation and experience intimacy after consuming oysters.

Support: Most married couples experience a brief “honeymoon” period however, there is a correlation between the longer number of years’ couples been married to sexual inactivity. “Busy schedules” is a common of lack of sex during marriage. Research conducted by data scientist Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, states that the top-searched marriage complaint on Google is “sexless marriage.”  National TV billboards, POP, commercials.

Tone Statement: slightly ironic, convincing, relatable.

Mandatories and Limitations: Logo, slogan.

Magazine Ad


Newspaper Ad


Broadcast Ad


Radio Commercial:

Hilton down the road

Music up & under: (Soft, classical)

SFX: Restaurant chatter.

Waiter: Here’s your order of oysters ma’am. Enjoy.

Lisa: Thank you.

SFX: Footsteps walks away.

Lisa: (sighs happily) This is my first time trying them fried. I heard they’re delicious. (awkward laugh)

Tim: Yeah. (monotone)

Lisa: Did you remember to turn off the light in the bedroom before we left?

Tim: Yes, dear. (sarcastic)

Lisa: What about in the bathroom?

Tim: (slightly annoyed) I’m pretty sure. (sighs, beginning to rant) Listen Lisa, you have to stop treating me like I’m your child-

Lisa: (interrupts) Hm…..

Tim: (offended) Excuse me.

Lisa: Oh, oh wow. (moans) Oh wow, Tim.

Tim: (surprised) Um… Lisa. Are you-  Are you okay?

Lisa: Mmm, Tim. You have to taste this. Make sure you dip it in the sauce. You have to dip it in that sauce (high pitched at the end)

Tim: (grunt and moan)

Lisa: (fiersly whipsers) Shhh. (slight pause) It’s good, isn’t it?

Tim: (louder than expected) Ohhh, man. Ohhh, Lisa.

Lisa: (fiercely whispers) People are staring. (slight pause) There’s a Hilton down the road. (sultry voice) Wanna go?

SFX: Chairs scrape. Heels clicking quickly.

ANNCR: Oysters. Feed your appetite.

SFX: Car screeches.




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